We spent the weekend harvesting at a site in Greensville - it was a gorgeous day and there were so many trees with some lovely fruit.

Still going strong!

We are working hard to get as much fruit off trees and into peoples homes as possible!
Today, we harvested 250 lbs of Green Delicious apples from the mountain and have more fruit picks to come!
Thanks to Breanne, our intern for all her hardwork and a big thanks to our volunteers and fruit tree owners.

Our newest intern!

Meet Breanne, our newest intern! Since making the front page news of the Hamilton Spectator, the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is very busy trying to get to all the trees and vines.

Breanne has worked with us on other projects and we are pleased that she can help us out.

It's Pear Season!

We have got an early pear season this year and the Fruit Tree Project has been getting calls from several residents.  On Wednesday we managed to pick five bags worth of pears!

A special thanks to our volunteers who are eager to participate in such a fun and worthwhile cause.

Most of the pears from the last pick went to Neighbour 2 Neighbour Food Bank.

We are back for 2012!

On Monday June 18th, North Hamilton Community Health Centre's Grub Club we headed to Murphy's Country Produce and the youth harvested strawberries and we made freezer Strawberry Jam - what a great time!
Our biggest challenge was time - we had only 2.5 hours - 3 hours to get everything done but thanks to the organization of the Grub Club team, we managed (and only being a little bit late :)

The Murphy family is soooo generous!  Thanks to Brian, Megan, and the rest of their team who let us come and take over for two hours.

Thanks to the Conserver Society of Hamilton and District and Small Change Fund,  We were able to fund this trip at no cost to the Grub Club as part of a Fruit Tree Project / Rural Routes grant.