Apples at Dundurn

Thursday in the late afternoon we set out to Dundurn Castle to do some picking on the row of apple trees they have there. It wasn't the sunniest day, but we had a great turn out and everyone had a good time. We picked from four different trees and collected about 210 lbs. Thank you to everyone who came out after work and school to pick with us!

2.5 hours + 4 volunteers = 52 bushels of green peppers

Volunteer Elysia showing off her perfect pepper.

Peter Piper may have picked a peck of pickled peppers but we harvested 52 bushels of green peppers today.

Despite the rain and wind (and precious moments of sunlight) we were at Our Fathers Farm, Dundas, harvesting green peppers as part of Hamilton FoodShare's "Community Harvest".

Big thanks to our volunteers who worked hard and without complaint as the day got colder and we got muddier.

Thanks to Hamilton FoodShare and Our Fathers' Farm.

Apples on the Weekend

Saturday morning, the Hamilton Katimavik group set out to pick apples along with the Halton Fruit Tree Project. It was a beautiful day to pick the three rows of trees, with the many volunteers that came out. In total, almost 600 lbs of apples were picked. More than enough to fit in the back of van that was taking them away, and leave some for the owners of the orchard.


This lovely morning Kirsten, Fatima, and Aiyana, along with the crew from Our Father's Farm harvested rows of onions. They managed to pick eight rows, and filled about thirty baskets full.

Lots and lots of onions!

A full day of apples and corn

Monday, we began our day at Cumis in their beautiful orchard for the 20th Annual Apple Day where we harvested 8 boxes (approx. 75 lbs) of Red Delicious, and MacIntosh apples. It was a very well organized event, and we had a great time working along side one of their very helpful employees!

Photographed: Our group hard at work.

The second half of our day was spent at Parkside Farms gleening corn with Fatima from Hamilton Food Share where we picked 1300 lbs of corn.

Photographed: New Katimavik Intern, Kirsten, and the corn field at Parkside Farms.

A big thanks to Cumis, and to Farmer Ben at Parkside Farms for welcoming us to pick their delicious apples and corn! Also, thanks go out to Hamilton Food Share for picking up and distributing our pickings.