It was a corn fest at todays pick!

Have you eaten raw corn straight from the field? We have! And its tasty! A refreshing sweet treat when out on a hot day, picking corn.
Sam C takes a break to munch on some sweet corn.

Partnering with Hamilton FoodShare, volunteers went out to Jarvis, ON to harvest corn for foodbanks across the City. After three hours of harvesting, we picked 3,000+ of corn that headed straight to FoodShare for distribution.

Shout outs to Fatima at FoodShare, Art the farmer, Josh the helper and all our volunteers!

More picks throughout Hamilton and rural areas are in the works, to be added to the Fruit Tree Project's Volunteer List, email Juby at jlee(at)environmenthamilton(dot)org

Fruit Tree is partnering with FoodShare

This year, we have partnered with FoodShare to help glean fresh produce from farmers fields.
For example, Our Fathers Farm has planted and weeded tomatoes and onions that Fruit Tree volunteers are helping to harvest and all the produce harvested will go straight to foodbanks that welcome the fresh produce.
We are thrilled to connect with FoodShare and help in anyway that we can.