Beans! Beans the magical fruit!

There was something magical about the bean harvest that happened Sunday September 12th. Fruit Tree Volunteers harvested beans, planted by Plan B Organic Farm folks and destined for the Ontario Food Bank Association. The weather forecasts called for rain on Sunday but instead it rained Saturday night and by Sunday the rain had passed, it stayed fairly overcast (perfect bean picking weather) for us while we harvested.

There were a lot of beans! In one of the photos above, you can see (but just barely) a house in the distance - thats where the bean crop stopped.
Big thank you to our hardworking volunteers who just picked and picked and picked! Thanks to all the drivers and car-poolers!
Shout-out to Plan B and Alvaro the farmer for letting us come and pick beans.
Update: Alvaro congratulated us on a great job and the beans were picked up by FoodShare the very next day.

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