Harvest in Jerseyville is on!

We are harvesting apples from 1915 Jerseyville Road West, Jerseyville on Saturday August 29th from 10:30am - 2:30pm.
There is carpooling available.
There are two shifts, one leaving at 10am and the other at noon.
Contact Juby Lee, Project Co-ordinator at jlee.eatlocal(at)environmenthamilton.org if you able to help harvest.

It is time to harvest! Check out our schedule below!

Harvest time is here!

Here are some of the picks that we are planning for this week:

Contact me if can make it to one or some of these picks, you can either email Juby, Project Co-ordinator at jlee.eatlocal(at)environmenthamilton.org or call my cell: 289-880-1612.

Wednesday August 19, 10:30am at 292 John St North - we are harvesting grapes! (please bring your own clippers or scissors to help cut the bunches off)

Wednesday August 19, 3:30pm at 477 Anna lee Drive, Ancaster
- this is a big pear tree.

Depending on the amount of fruit and number of volunteers, harvest times take anywhere from one to 2.5 hours.

This fun, tasty activity is weather permitting only, feel free to call my cell if the weather looks a little wonky.

I will be bringing equipment to help harvest.

Please bring some water for yourself and a container or bag for your share of the bounty! :)

In addition, we have access to about 20-30 apple trees in Jerseyville
and 2 large pear trees in Oakville - are you willing to travel to
either of these places? We are looking for volunteers with cars who are
willing to carpool to these locations. Let me know if you can help.

Let the harvesting begin!