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The fruit tree project

What Fruit Tree has been up to.

We Are back at it! Yes, we are working in a very limited capacity due to funding issues, but we are still here and planning to be all the stronger.
We've had 6 picks this September, mostly pears. Thanks to our volunteers and of course the homeowners with fruit trees!


2014 Fruit Tree Project activities are coming soon!
We are very excited to get back out there for a great year of harvesting and canning!
Stay tuned for updates!

If you would like to sign up to volunteer or register as a tree owner, please give us a call or contact Juby Lee at:

We are always looking for more volunteers and trees to pick!

Still working hard!

A small but dedicated group of volunteers headed to School Sisters of Notre Dame on Saturday September 28th and harvested from their apple trees.  

The apples were donated to St. Matthews House who were excited for this donation of local, organic apples.

Thanks to Jill, Owen, Emma, Julia, Shelby, Liz, Allan, Eddie for all their help.  Special thanks to Steve for all his help.  

A big thank you to the Sisters who allowed us to come and harvest on such a lovely day!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Fruit is bountiful this year and our team is working hard to harvest as many fruit trees as possible.
As well, due to technical difficulties, we've created a new email address, for more information about the project, email

Pears, Pears, Pears!

One thing to look forward to about the end of August is that it's pear season! We have been receiving many pick opportunities over the past week involving pears and even some apples. Today we went to a local property in the downtown core and picked pears from a plentiful pear tree which provides over 200 pounds of pears per year!

These pears are sweet and delicious,  not to mention fresh and organic. The pears that were picked today are being donated to Neighbour to Neighbour's food bank initiative. A special thanks to my other  Environment Hamilton Intern Dante, and Todd for his generous donation! There will be many opportunities coming up in the next few weeks for fruit tree picks and volunteers will be needed.  E-mail Juby Lee at to receive e-mails about upcoming picks and for your chance to volunteer.

We are Back: Our First Pick of the 2013 Season!

The Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is back thanks to our numerous supporters and volunteers. On Tuesday, July 2nd Environment Hamilton Interns and volunteers travelled to a local property on the Hamilton Mountain to pick sour cherries. The two large cherry trees provided an abundance of cherries, which were than donated to Neighbor to Neighbor for their local food initiative. We have many fruit picks planned for the summer, and if you are looking to volunteer with us or you have a fruit tree that you need help picking or want to donate to local food banks, please e-mail Juby at We are always looking for volunteers to help us out on various fruit picks and fresh plentiful fruit to be picked!